Client’s problem

Current records management system is not integrated with odoo and unable to cope with large amounts of incoming documentation. Data is recorded multiple times by hand. Employees spend a lot of time searching for documentation.

Documentation is not going through proper channels and is in worst case scenario lost. Accounting department is not receiving documentation at defined intervals and there is no central management to display all records and documentation.

Project main aims

  • Reduce time needed to process records
  • Integrate records management with accounting
  • Simplify process
  • Reduce costs
  • Create centralized archives  

How we solved it

Since odoo doesn't have a full featured records management module that can cover our client's needs we had to create a custom module for record management in odoo.

Workflow was developed around new and well defined procedures. Documentation cycle is defined by easy to use drag and drop phases. Process is streamlined. Once entered, data is transferred through all forms and reports.

Entire module is closely tied to analytical accounts and accounting. It also provides easy access to all related documents. 

Business benefits gained

  • Reduced time needed to process records
  • All records in one place
  • Simple yet powerful search options
  • All legal / external documents are tied to related odoo records

What does the client say about this project

"Project was done correctly and professionally. People at Uvid are very responsive and communicative. Updates to our odoo instalation are allways on time and in accordance to all local regulations. With odoo records management we simplified and enhanced our business processes and are now working much more efficiently."

Vladimir Sobota,

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