Client’s problem

The client needed a modern integrated ERP solution that would help them grow. They used a large amount of unintegrated spreadsheets and outdated ERP that caused operational problems once the company started growing fast, and the accounting couldn't keep up.

Project main aims

  • Ability to plan production in real time

  • Effectively calculate production costs

  • Track customer & project data from initial lead

  • Integrate operations cross departments

  • Effective time planning

  • PLM

  • Quality Management supported in ERP

  • Controlling

The company is growing at a fast pace so a flexible solution than can be easily expanded later on is a must.

How we solved it

A proof of concept was needed to show that Odoo can handle complex production needs. We've first started with a pilot project to showcase that the basic functionality was there and that our team has the necessary skills to customize and implement Odoo solution.

During pilot phase, we’ve done a detailed GAP analysis of all user requirements and provided guidance when needed.

After getting the go ahead for the main project that covers all of the ERP functionality needed our team started working on key Odoo v10 modules to expand its functionality.

Business benefits gained

  • Full CAD integration with automatic BOM import

  • Odoo BOM structure view overhaul that greatly enhances the user experience

  • BOM planned material & operations costing at a glance with easy full structure update

  • Work order planning with work center capacity on a day/week/month basis. Easy reallocation using our custom view.

  • ABC based costing for Odoo that can quickly show deviations from planned production costs.

  • MRP stock operations and work orders barcoded & automated throughout the entire process.

  • Full traceability and QM expansion.

What does the client say about this project

"In late 2015 our company started mission on searching ERP solution that would solve problems we where facing with exponential growth of our business and help us grow even bigger. During time we met many companies that offered their vision of how we whould fix problems and what path we should follow.
Of all partners only UVID offered unique approach. They gave us their best practices but they where commited that we should see our vision how problem should be solved and they offered open source solution ODOO that they tailored specifically for our needs.
We solved many problems since initial implementation and we see future very clearly with their help. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to UVID team. We see them as our partner in times to come."

Mr. Igor Begović,

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