Client’s problem

The client was looking to expand online sales and integrate business processes. The existing web shop and underlying ERP solution were unable to follow complex procurement needs coming from dislocated stores and large number of online orders.

Client wanted a single, integrated and robust solution that would allow in-depth supply chain management. Odoo was selected as a platform of choice. Furthermore E-commerce module operated from Croatia and as such had to be able to address strict Croatian laws concerning invoice fiscalization.

Project main aims

  • Provide in-depth stock analysis
  • Automate supply chain when possible
  • Decrease time needed to process an order
  • Custom reports to track and analyse turnover
  • Compliance with Croatian fiscalization system

How we solved it

Odoo was a perfect choice for a platform as it had powerful and complex procurement capabilities from the start. We developed custom modules that streamlined creation of complex procurement rules and made them readable to general users.

Module was crated to automate the process where and when possible. Automation process leaned on a set of easy to use rules over which client had full control.

With customization in and around odoo e-commerce module we were able to bring odoo web shop to the client’s specification, both functionally and aesthetically. Custom reports addressed all internal transactions and business processes.

Croatian fiscalization was built form the ground up for odoo v9. This extensive modification touches on a large number of default odoo modules and allows odoo to communicate with Croatian Tax Administration in real time. We love open source so in agreement with our client we put Croatian fiscalization on odoo app store as a free module for everybody to use and develop further.

Business benefits gained

  • Integrated system from order to delivery
  • Faster response times in all segments
  • Significant decrease in delivery time
  • Complete accordance with specific invoicing laws (Croatian fiscalization)

What does the client say about this project

"Working with Uvid was very beneficial for our company. Our new odoo is great and really helps us with all of our business processes. Compliments for the team at Uvid, they have been very responsive and professional."

Jerko Petričušić,
IT & Web Developer

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