Client’s problem

Implemented OpenERP solution did not meet the desired business requirements in manufacture planning, warehouse management and cost tracking. Current stock valuation system was inadequate to provide real cost and accurate margin information.

Another problem was that not all business processes were covered by OpenERP. A lot of additional applications were used to track several important operations that had to be manually combined with ERP reports.

Quality management was not at the satisfactory level after the company expanded by acquiring a similar company.

Project main aims

  • to provide accurate stock and production cost valuation

  • to provide accurate margin info for sales

  • to decrease costs and time spent on having several business applications that were not integrated

  • to improve current QM process in ERP

  • to connect to other ERP systems like Navision that were used in companies Valipile acquired

How we solved it

At first, we analyzed all the implications of different stock and manufacture valuations and what would be the best option for our client. At the same time, our team recorded all operations that were encoded in other applications and what needs to be integrated.

We created several modules to calculate vast amount of multilevel production operations with direct and indirect costs.

We created several additions to the current system so all other applications became redundant and all information was encoded in ERP.

We made several improvements to existing QM system. Finally, we created an ELT service to transfer selected journals, orders and data from Navision and other ERPs used in companies acquired by Valipile to OpenERP system used by Valipile.

Business benefits gained

  • production costs and margins accurate and on time - this significantly improved decision making for managers

  • all operations integrated in one application (the ERP) - reports no longer have to be manually encoded resulting in reduced operating costs

  • quick integration with other ERP systems used in companies acquired by Valipile

  • QM automation saves time & money

What does the client say about this project

"We've looked for a reliable partner to help us get what we need from OpenERP.  Uvid proved to be a great choice. We are very satisfied with the service provided and the fact that the project was completed on time. We would recommend Uvid as a reliable partner for the development and implementation of complex business solutions."

Andrej Alilović,
Executive Director

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