Client’s problem

The ERP solution Aromara was using had custom modifications that handled production LOT’s and serial numeration in a way that was not standard practice in other companies. On the other hand, there was a substantial growth of sales through a standalone webshop done in PHP/MySQL which became a problem to track and manage. Webshop had to be integrated with ERP solution which was not possible due to ERP’s outdated platform. Other ERP’s on the market which could be integrated had to be extensively modified to accommodate unique way of handling production LOT’s.

Project main aims

  • Integrate ERP with webshop, preferably on the same platform

  • Fast / low cost LOT traceability modifications that follow defined internal standards

How we solved it

Odoo has webshop / ERP integration out of the box. We added our own modules that further enhanced webshop usability. With a few key modifications in odoo backend we redesigned LOT functionality in stock, invoice and production modules. LOT traceability was now up to Aromara’s standards. Additional smaller modules enhanced the user interface and streamlined the entire process.

Business benefits gained

  • Integrated business solution

  • Easier LOT management

  • Web based solution accessible from anywhere

  • Work order planning with work center capacity on a day/week/month basis Easy reallocation using our custom view

  • Added functionality previously handled outside of ERP: Online event marketing and registration through odoo ecommerce, central certificate repository directly connected to products and LOT’s (document management)

What does the client say about this project

"With Uvid and odoo we modernized our ERP solution and integrated all of our sale channels under one platform. As a result we are faster and more flexible in servicing our customer base."

Siniša Boras,
Executive manager

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