New MRP modules coming soon!

Odoo MRP

Marko Carević

We are pleased to announce that we will soon be launching a new set of modules for Odoo App Store that significantly expand the standard MRP application and associated modules. The new modules are designed for companies that want to use Odoo ERP production management to track production through related warehouse flows and work operations in detail. Installed all together, the modules are best suited for project-based MTO (Make to Order) production, but most features can be used for all types of production.

The modules are the product of our experience in implementing Odoo Solutions for large manufacturing companies, where we were sorry to see the lack of standard Odoo functionality in real life scenarios. Modules can work both on the Community and Enterprise versions.

Some of the main features include:

BOM calculation

Significantly expanded Odoo BOM that includes planned costs of materials and operations.

  • Planned production costs in one place.

  • Price of materials based on average price.

  • Price of operations based on the planned work price + general production costs (optional).

  • Calculate the sale price immediately or fetch from multi-currency pricelists

  • Routing operations are now used as templates for BOM specific operations, and product groups for using catalog sale price.

  • Option to import part or all of the elements from an Excel or CSV file.

Odoo text and image block
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Overview of production bottlenecks

A new report showing work center availability based on the capacity of work centers that can be changed depending on the work schedule and shift.

  • Track the bottlenecks in one place in real time.

  • Production schedule based on planned work orders.

  • The What-If simulation feature.

  • Easy to reschedule work orders or entire projects.

MRP report with full barcode support

A new screen for starting and ending work orders via barcode. Production stock flow related to work order start.

  • Start / pause and end the operation with the barcode as an optional report used together with a new form for barcode handling. 

  • Quick document identification.

  • Quick handling on needed materials through a pop-up action.

  • The ability to monitor a large number of features for the operation (employee, machine, etc.).

  • Ability to start multiple connected work orders at once with one barcode.

  • Manufacturing failure detection and maintenance. 

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Finally, Odoo has real production costs & many other features!

Along with the above listed modules, we must also mention the new production cost module with which we will be to first on the Odoo App Store with a module that  actually calculates all the material and non-material costs associated with your production. The module will be implemented on request according to the needs of the client.

Look for our new modules on the Odoo App Store soon:

For more details, please feel free to contact us.  We will be pleased to organize an online presentation of the complete solution for You.